Old School Glamour is Back!

I'm not quite sure when my  love affair with vintage clothes began but from as early as I can remember I  was always drawn and attracted to the clothing and style of eras gone by.  I remember even proudly sporting my Afro hairstyle and bell-bottoms...and that was in the 1990's when they had long gone out of fashion! But alas, I have always felt a greater affinity with past eras than that of my own. 

Even as a married woman I still eagerly scour quirky shops and antique places in search of treasures. But I made the pleasant discovery that what had begun as my self-expression had won the admiration of others. People would often compliment me about the clothes I wore even asking me to shop for them!  I guess that was when My Father's Promise began. 

The concept of My Father's Promise was born out of a nostalgia for the grace, poise and elegance of eras gone by. No-one knew how to embody these better than the women of long ago: The Scarlett O' Hara's, Jackie Onassis, Grace Kelly's and the Audrey Hepburns. The clothing we sell captures the imagination and heart of a woman. They capture the glamour and sophistication of yesteryear as well as its playful girlishness.  

At My Father's Promise we celebrate that girl deep inside  of us whose Daddy made her feel special and promised her the world. We're all grown up now but we still love feeling cherished. My Father's Promise captures those sentiments and re-awakens those dreams deep inside us. 

My Husband and I work tirelessly creating those signature pieces. Those pieces that are truly reminiscent of their time - to bring them back to you  our cherished customers and co-lovers of all things vintage!xxx


GREAT NEWS! We now have facemasks available for £7.99 so fear not, you can remain safe without compromising on your style. Simply click on the link above to see our beautifully crafted masks. Our facemasks are made by hand here in the UK using fabric featuring vibrant poppies against a sunset background. The fabric design 'Pandora' is by Designer Chong-A-Hwang for Timeless Treasures of Soho. Our masks are lined with a vibrant green polycotton which provides a lovely contrast to the reds and yellows of the mask.



To find out more about our dresses please email  shallinirichardson@myfatherspromise.co.uk. 

Do keep your eyes peeled for more lovely pieces which we are just as eager to bring to you. Until then... Love and kisses.
My Father's Promise.xxx